Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Ultimate low light test with a Canon C300? perhaps not, but a real eye opener as my eyes were starting to close

Picture this.

Rodney Charters, DP of '24' and DSLR guru Lan Bui round the Gardner house on New Years Eve.

It was a fun day, but by close to 2AM on the 1st January I was fading FAST.

At this point after much, much rambling about life the universe and everything Rodney suggested we do a low light test shot with the Canon C300.

With an iPad

Yes, an iPad as a light source.



Or perhaps not.

You decide

I'm sure you in no way at all will find it amusing that I am falling asleep....


Den Lennie said...

Wow.... I love that you guys were doing a test at 2am..

Mads Alexander said...

Poor Drew, he´s so drunk