Thursday, 5 January 2012

How the C300 affects Hollywood and what it means to us.

New Year's start no better than this.

After eating the Turbot we picked up at Billingsgate and seeing in the New Year, we persuaded Rodney Charters, DP of '24' (not that he needed persuading) to have a chat on camera to talk about the Canon C300 and what the implications will be.

When watching the footage back I was struck by Rodney's candour and how this interview style chat has implications for all of us no matter what we shoot on.

As Bill Clinton once said 'Its the economy, stupid' this is a case of 'Its the story, stupid'

This video is the first of three.

Prepare to be inspired, and work out what your next project will be with your DSLR.

And why 8 bit with the Canon C300 is no handicap.....

Why you no longer need tons of lights to shoot a TV programme...

And much, much more.

I hope you enjoy watching this controversial video as much as we enjoyed making it.


Libby said...

Excellent stuff here. I'm taking beginning steps in shooting although I've been editing for a number of years. I am absolutely charmed by the value in this interview. Thanks Drew! Can't wait for the next installments.

Unknown said...

Hi Ohnostudio,

Thanks for your comment.

The thing about Rodney is that he is all about the art of the possible, real world lighting situations.

The chat we had inspired me so much.



Tom said...

Drew, big fan of your photography/image making

Obviously been allot on the C300 on your blog recently but was just wondering how you are affiliated with Canon (either payroll, access to cameras/equipment etc) and if you declare it in any of your posts?

This is just curiosity rather than accustation etc?

Unknown said...

Hi Tom

Thanks for your comment.

To be clear I have received no payment at all from Canon.

My motivation with the Canon C300 is sheer enthusiasm, I cannot wait to use this camera in 'anger'

My first 'proper' camera was a Canon A1 which I bought in 1980 with my paper round money (I can even recall the serial number by heart 588603, what a saddo......)

My first Pro camera was the Canon F1N body number 197246.....(I mean what use is this information to me??????)

I still have both of them.

So I suppose you could call me a Canon 'fan boy'

I have ordered my Canon C300 from 'The Flash Centre' in London.

I have received no discount nor any other preferentiial treatment in terms of supply.

I do all this because I want to.

Having said all of that Tom, your question was a fair one and no offence has been taken.



Brian Carey Photography said...

I'm so excited about high iso capabilities. The main reason is that it allows me so much flexibility with shutter speed when doing long exposure work. The fun is just beginning. Thanks for the post Drew.

Greetings from Canada's Far East
Brian Carey

Tom said...

Thanks for the response Drew!

I always get a bit suspicious when people get excited about anything on the internet that costs big bucks. The cynic in me comes out I guess.

Look forward to seeing some of the results in the next year!