Tuesday 5 March 2013

New Backs from Phase One - Wifi enabled.

I'm presenting on the Manfrotto stand at Focus on Imaging 2013, good fun it is too.

What this means is you don't get a very good opportunity to look around at the other stands and see what offerings there are.

At breakfast this morning I bumped into Eric Joakim of Phase One, who told me of some very interesting developments with their backs, in fact they have just unveiled three new IQ backs.
The IQ260, IQ260 Achromatic and the IQ280.

Notably the IQ260 is capable of exposure times up to one hour, which some people missed with the demise of the P45+.

I currently use a Phase One P65+ back, which I'm very pleased with, though I do have an eye on one of the IQ back.

I have always regarded the IQ backs by Phase One as 'Suspicious devices'

Let me explain before someone calls the bomb squad.....

The IQ back is a little bit bigger than the P series back, no big deal you might think, but in this age of ever increasing miniaturisation it is unusual to see any kind of incoming product bigger than the out going product.

Why did they do this?

I had my suspicions that they left space for 'something else' inside?

I think we may well have found out what that 'something else' is.

The new IQ2 backs are Wifi capable, you can connect them directly to an iPad, via the excellent (and free) Capture Pilot.

You get to view previews of the images on your CF card and Art directors can rate the shots as you go ( the tags are transferred onto your CF card as you shoot)

Eric Joakim (who missed his breakfast to record this) gives us a walkthrough.

Phase One goes WiFi from drew gardner on Vimeo.

In the very short demo, the ease and reliability of connection was highly impressive stuff.

Oh, and one more thing.

The IQ backs are now working with beta software implementation of USB3.


Libby said...

Thanks for the demo Drew. I have marked the release announcements for future reading as this is the way I'll be going (MF) in about 2 years. My local shooting friends are wondering why my DSLR buying has stopped ;-) I get to borrow a P45 every now and again and it's just lovely. It's really more suited for me and what I want to shoot than DSLRs having grown up on MF and 4x5 film.

Good old Clive said...

All I need is the cash, that's all. 5d mkll stays.

Unknown said...

Hi Guys

Libby I know exactly what you are talking about.

i like you have a keen interest in larger formats and there is just something so special about shooting medium format....

Clive, I hear you....i too just need a couple of big jobs and i would buy one in a heartbeat.

I don't want to get into name calling but its fantastic to see Phase One developing the platform while others in the medium format market let their product stagnate, with serious implications for their users and supporters who have invested much in lenses and accessories over the years.

It has taken Phase One a while to get the USB3 port going on the IQ backs, but bear in mind at least they have it. Hasselblad are firmly wedded to firewire, seemingly not an issue, until one takes into account that Apple are set to drop firewire on their laptops in favour of thunderbolt which leaves Mac users no choice but to use an adaptor which is not always optimum.

I did get to look at the Sony NEX based Lunar at Focus on Imaging, which may even sell well in 'emerging' markets but it is of little comfort to their remaining serious pro users.

I'm reminded of the words of a top business woman in the UK, when asked what advice she would have for young people coming into business.

'don't chase the money.....because the money will always run away, do something because you have an interest or passion for it'