Thursday 30 December 2010

A Brave New Year

                              The View from Ardnacross, Isle of Mull

It has been a quiet on my blog of late

By now I should have blogged about, the Zebra Shoot, my foray into Infra Red and my new affordable digital Download series 'The Story Behind the picture' (which is going rather well, thank you to all of you who bought it)

But somehow I have not got round to it, mainly because I have had a crazy schedule over the last month, with the launch of my food book, building the new website, working on an ambitious and rather big photographic project with my partner Lucinda Marland which we sincerely hope will make quite a splash in 2012(you will be the first to know about it when I'm able to talk about it) throw into the mix a road trip to the Isle of Mull on the west coast of Scotland and that was December more than full.

2010 was a pivotal year for me in so many ways

And I learned some very big lessons -

1.That things can change very quickly indeed.

2. Engaging in area's and with people that you had no prior knowledge of, can change your world and that of others too

3. Sheer persistence and not taking 'no' for an answer can carry the day

The key in the lock was travelling to South Africa to undertake a week long workshop with some under privileged youths in a South African township

Doing this workshop opened so many doors for me, personally and spiritually

Giving is one of the most powerful things we can do as human beings

But in all probability learned more from them than they did from me

I know and understand that we can't all tear off around the world, but there are many ways in which we can give back, using our photography, on our own doorstep

I suppose what I'm driving at is that we as photographer's, myself included, often get wrapped up with the obsession of equipment and not what we do with it.

One of the high points for me this year was when Diego Huerta and his girlfriend went out to record the Hurricane which hit their city

The only way I feel for a living breathing photographer to grow is to shoot what one loves and learn along the way, not only about photography but about life itself as one does

As the economic recovery continues to be uncertain, with tough times ahead for all working photographers and amateur photographers in their day jobs, I see great challenges ahead, but also great opportunities.

If we did just one thing to make a difference, large or small, and put some of that fancy photographic equipment to use it can make a bigger difference than one might imagine.

So my friends I wish you a very Happy New Year

Let's get out there and shoot some great pictures which make a difference - someway, somehow

Thursday 2 December 2010

Bui Brothers iphone Pano from Zebra Forest shoot

Just one more day before the video and images from the Zebra shoot are up

In the meantime I thought I would post an extraordinary photo form the shoot which was taken by the Bui Brothers on their iphone(s)

Yes, you read right

This 51MB stitch was done on the fly at the shoot

I think you will agree with me that this degree of quality should make us all sit up and take notice

Remember if you want to know more about this and the rest of my Forest shoot series please do join me at my Manfrotto School of Xcellence Webinar on Monday 6th December

They tell me there is still space right now and it is FREE!

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Food glorious Food

Followers of this blog know will I'm nuts about photography but perhaps don't know I have perhaps an equal passion for food

So some two years ago I was asked by Andrew Pern of Michelin Starred 'The Star Inn' to shoot his new game food book 'Loose Birds and Game' I leapt at the chance

Hanging out in the kitchen of Britain's top gastro pub and sampling THE finest food

Little did I know what a monster I was taking on, putting few thousand miles on my car and a few inches on my waistline

360 pages packed with my photography, in and out of the kitchen

Out on pheasant shoots, deer stalking exploring the upper limits of high ISO on my Canon 5d MkII

Lots of kitchen action and those plated shots.

Yes, those plated shots (all shot on a phase One P45+)

New territory for me but hoping that this first foray into food photography will not be my last

Assisted by Marie Absolom who has worked with some of the biggest names in the food photography business, she kept me on the straight and narrow and taught me so much.

Mainly that when it comes to food photography time is of the essence and food only looks good for a fleetingly short period of time when you are working with real food, which we did.

The book should be out in the next week or so (so long as the truck does not get stuck in the snow!)  and you will be able to buy it from me direct from my all new website, a great Christmas present for a foodie

I will be sharing some of my experiences over the coming months but in the meantime I thought I would share some of the pages with you