Friday 27 August 2010

Drobo Update

Just thought I would let you all know that Drobo reacted like lightning and sent a brand new unit out to me

Special mention of thanks goes to Valerie K in their support team in the USA, a good bit of human support goes a long way........other companies take note

Their customer service if very good despite anything else

So far so good, all is well

Lets hope it stay that way

Norman 400B Flash Units

So I'm having a clear out

A big one

I found a box of Norman 400B Flash units, heads and batteries

Do they work? Not right now, though I think they will with tinkering but I have neither the time or the inclination

So if someone wants to pick them up from London they are yours - FREE!

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Drew Gardner Workshop - Steenokkerzeel, Belgium - 4,5 September 2010

When I was over in Belgium earlier this year I was very impressed by the turnout at a one day photographic workshop held by Servix 

I got chatting to a friend of David Hobby's, a certain Bert Stephani who in addition to running a very cool blog, is a pretty handy photographer too

So after a bit of banter it came to pass that we are running a two day workshop in Belgium on the 4th/5th September

The aim is to share my knowledge of Lighting and the industry and get to grips with some big lighting on location, in the forest.....sounds familiar? well I do hope so, just a chance to join me, it should be a great deal of fun