Tuesday 8 September 2009

Phase One master class with Drew in California!

I have just finished a mini tour of Scandinavia with Phase One, Showcasing the P40 and the P65+ Backs along with a sneak preview of their new Camera, complete with its in lens shutters and a highly responsive shutter release.

Now it was fun, and I will be sharing some of the pics we shot there soon, but as with all day long workshops they are over all too soon.

I often have thought how great it would be to let people into my world, in a small and select way, using the equipment I use on a daily basis, both cameras and lighting, not to mention a download of my crazy mind!

Photographing a range of subjects in a beautiful location....showing fellow photographers exactly how I create my 'Forest' series and recreating similar shots

The good news this is no longer a mere thought but a reality

This year on 25-30th October I will be at the Phase One Master class held at Paso Robles Workshop

In addition to Phase One technique, the workshop will cover lighting on location and production planning for field shoots. Students will work in 3-person teams for the first half of the week. On Thursday, the class will work together on the production of a Drew-sized location shoot in the oak forest surrounding Paso Robles, in the heart of California's wine land

All this and supported by Phase One with one of their technicians in attendance along with 5 Phase One P45+ cameras for the class to use

I'm looking forward to what will be an outstanding and memorable workshop