Saturday 2 March 2013

Focus on Imaging 2013 with Manfrotto

Straight from BVE 2013 to Focus on Imaging 2013 in Birmingham, via the latest in my 'Descendants' series I shot on Friday, much more of that to come soon.

Victoria Hillman, Sue Flood, Jacob James, Steve Gosling and I will be with the Manfrotto School of Excellence (Stand N11) I will be sharing 'Behind the scenes lighting secrets', which I intend to go beyond the normal seminar proving bags of information which shooters can implement in their own projects.

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I will be giving regular show updates, including and attempt to get hands on with a Fuji X100S


Libby said...

I love that Descendants series of yours And I saw the one video you did with Helen Parkhurst. Brilliant.

Good luck with the new Fuji. I think you will be smitten ;-)

Unknown said...

Thanks Libby.

That is just what worries me about the X100S.

I hope it it truly horrid, that way I won't break the bank.


Unknown said...

Hi Drew I am coming up on Monday, hopefully see you at the Manfrotto Stand,


Whim said...

The talk I saw you give today was great, many thanks for the inspiration and the ideas!