Friday 22 March 2013

Latest in the forest series....prelude post

No posts from me of late.

I have been busy, very busy.

I have shot another in my 'Forest' series, and I'm in post with it right now.

As ever with these shoots it is the logistics which are the killer.

The success or failure of the shoot came down to a calculation of how many journeys we would have to make up and back down the trail with Elinchrom Rangers, light stands and still be in the right ambient light 'window' to give a great picture.

Working for the first time with the Phase One IQ180, a new smoke machine too.

I had shot a total of nine shots in the series but of those nine only seven are good enough, so two shots are in the bin at not inconsiderable expense.

I'm pleased to report this one will make it number eight.

I will be sharing the details of this very ambitious project in the weeks ahead with all that went right, and all that went very wrong too, and how the Phase One IQ180 and the Gitzo tripod tipped the balance in my favour.........


Libby said...

Will be interesting to see what kind of wild animal you will employ this time ;-) Busy here too with a lengthy project coming up including total revamp of a client website.

If we don't catch up, have a Happy Easter!

Unknown said...

Hi Libby

Look very carefully and you will see the critter concerned.....

Have a great weekend


Libby said...

Foxhunt! Yeah!

Iden Pierce Ford said...

This will be monumental I am sure

Unknown said...

Thanks Iden

I'm pretty pleased with it.