Wednesday 9 May 2012

A wet Bank Holiday weekend in Whitstable, with a pleasant surprise.

Off with the family to one of my very favourite spots.

Whitstable in Kent.

A beautiful gem of a town which has class while still keeping its feet on the ground.

If you have not been, do go.

Right now would be a good time as we made a very welcome discovery.

Renowned shooter to the stars Brian Aris has an exhibition in the Whitsatble museum.

It is not the biggest show ever but what sheer quality.

If you have not familiar with him check out his site

Bear in mind too that the lions share of his work in the show was shot on film, which meant you had to get the exposure right.....and post was not widespread.

What struck me about his work in addition to the craftsmanship was how personal the portraits are - the rapport which he has managed to strike up with some of the biggest names in show business tell you much about the man.

His portraits of the late Paula Yates were particularly poignant.

I'm trying to get hold of Brian at the moment to see if we can have a chat about his work.

The exhibition runs until June 10

If you do get down to Whitstable and like seafood, ring ahead to try to book a table at the amazing Wheelers seafood restaurant, a culinary institution which has changed little since it opened some 150 years only and no drinks licence either.

You will need luck on your side as it only seats 12 covers at any one time.

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