Wednesday 2 May 2012

Out and about with the Canon C300.

A busy old week.

Out and about in London with the Canon C300.

The more I use it, the more I like it.

The medium format style ergonomics make so much sense and one feels at home with very quickly.

It's one thing doing low light tests in controlled conditions but in real world situations it is such an advantage.

We were shooting in the Victoria and Albert Museum were the light was very low indeed so we rated the shoot at 5000ISO and the quality was simply superb.

Something which would have been unimaginable with the otherwise excellent Canon XF305, which is not suited to low all.

Next stop street shooting in the West End.

We expected to hit some kind of trouble from some type of person in a uniform telling us we could not film but we were thankfully left alone.

I can't help but wonder how much of this was down to the fact that the C300 does not quite look like a video camera?

So great in low light and great inconspicuous run and gun camera too.

One gripe though....

It would be great if one could use XLR Mic's straight into the body instead of having to fit the clever but sometimes a little bit unwieldy LCD/XLR module to the top of the camera.

It is a bit of a pest when it is time to remove the module too.

The HiRos cables which plug into the body are super stiff to remove .

They are getting better with use, but they can be trying if you are under pressure.

I hope that someone soon comes up with a discrete and compact XLR solution.

More C300 adventures soon......



Bill Giles said...

Things that you have to plug in worry me, particularly things that use small plugs. Sooner or later a pin breaks. XLRs are big and robust and not likely to fail catastrophically. On the other hand, you have to have a big module to accommodate XLr jacks. There is a miniature XLR (TAF3), but the pins are small enough that they could be damaged. It may be time to rethink the connectors and that includes the connectors on the camera itself. Maybe a fiber optic connection would be appropriate.

Unknown said...

Hey Bill,

Thanks for your comments.

I,m definitely with Phillip Bloom on this one.

In my opinion it would be great to have an XLR only break out box(i.e. without a monitor)

Fingers crossed that someone comes out with one.



Christine said...

Hopped on few canon digital camera reviews forum and most photographers doesn't like the look. Yeah, I must agree to that but I can't complain no more with its capability to shoot a decent video coverage.