Monday 23 May 2011

Milk Workshops

Its workshop time again.

But not one of mine.

To get a mention on my blog a workshop needs a twist, and this one certainly does.

Goodness knows we have enough workshops which are run of the mill and very 'me too'

My friend Jarek Wieczorkiewicz, better known to the photographic community for his Arum Light Blog
is holding a workshop based around his brilliant and mesmerising milk photographs.

This has to be worth a look

Jarek is pushing boundaries and creating images which are cutting edge.

I'm rather tempted myself.


Unknown said...

Here is another person (Andrey Razumovskiy) who makes that tricks too, see gallery here:

Here is two versions on Flash Magazine file (created as executable) about 'How to do that" (all magazine's content is on RUSSIAN only, sorry)

PC version:

Mac version:

Unknown said...

Thanks Yuriy

A similar style indeed

Just shows how slightly different execution can change the outcome considerably

Thanks for sharing.



Anonymous said...

I wish you guys would come to singapore :(

david said...

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