Wednesday 4 May 2011

Canon 5D MkII CineStyle by by Technicolor

I first heard about this as part of the NAB banter.

A special profile created by Technicolor, the big name from many a Hollywood movie.

Why so special?

Anyone who has shot commercially with the Canon 5d MkII knows that their can be benefits to shooting with relatively flat profiles.

Particularly if like me you are mixing footage from the Canon XF305 with the Canon 5D MkII.

The XF 305 has good but muted colour, whereas the 5D is quite contrasty and the colours rather....vivid.

This can lead to fun and games with the edit, trying to get a consistent look.

So needless to say I have my own settings to make things a little more consistent.

There are other profiles out there, what makes CineStyle so special?

In the words of Technicolor...

'When the Technicolor CineStyle is selected in the camera it puts the standard H.264 REC709 color space into a log color space. Video images are recorded in log space. Still images are also converted into the same log color space. This is the first implementation of its kind for the Canon EOS line of cameras'

So there you have it, worthy of investigation, I will be giving it a go.

Here is Vincent Laforet's take on it.

Crooked Path Films ran a test, which makes interesting viewing.

Technicolor Cine Style - A Quick Test from Crooked Path Films on Vimeo.

The really clever part is that Technicolor has made itself super relevant to DSLR shooters and therefore future film makers.

There are many big companies out there in their Hollywood ivory towers who are not engaging.

They will be the ones who will lose out as the wind of change blows.

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EL GUN LEGRO said...

I just recently bought the XF305 and i currently have a 5d. I am now very curious to know the settings you have dialed in on your XF 305 to match the 5d as close as possible. It would really help me big time.