Monday 16 May 2011

Second take on Fuji X100

I still have not quite shot in anger with the cute, if a little pricey Fuji X100.

But I did get hands on with one again after the London Going Pro seminar, courtesy of World Press Photo winning Edmond Terakopian, who came along to the workshop.

He has a pretty interesting blog too.

Here he is, shot on his Fuji X100
Edmond Terakopian  shot on a Fuji X100

We were hanging out in the pub together with a couple of other delegates and we dropped a few beer frames, here is the evidence...this time shot on Edmond's Leica X1.

Pic by Edmond Terakopian          

After my first handling of the X100 at Focus on imaging, I have read the sort of articles a camera manufacturer can only dream of.

Are these articles well founded or not.

Well hands on for a second time, it did seem very impressive

Enough to make me consider getting one.

This shot of delegate Nicola Taylor, who got me thinking of CRM software, gives you a good idea of the kind of detail the camera can deliver.

As sorely tempted as I am by this jewel of a camera nagging doubts remain, in the shape of reports of little quirks in performance.

Such as slow start up, slow write speeds, variable AF performance at close quarters.

Indeed Katrin Eismann returned hers.

Are these criticisms valid? I really don't know as I have not given this camera a proper extended test.

It does have lots of promise though.

Which brings me onto the second part of the X100 blog.

An email from NewPhotoDigest, where Simon Towler gives an overview of the camera

Simon makes some good observations which are spot on, but I'm not so sure about the point he makes by asserting that Pro shooters should not expect too much from this camera.

I DO get where he is coming from but I would just like to say that if a camera manufacturer is going to charge £1000 for a compact camera they had better make sure it is spot on.

This sort of money buys some very capable prosumer DSLR's


Andrew Cooper said...
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Andrew Cooper said...

DPReview just posted their in-depth review of the X100. They loved the lens and photo quality, but were pretty harsh when commenting on the software and user interface quirks.

Unknown said...

Another hands on review over at LL -

I'd have one of these camera's for a walk around in an instant, but all these faults in design strike a wet match for me too. It's like the genius that started to design the camera died halfway through and someone from sony took over.

mony said...

My friend have this model Fuji X100. I like the picture quality and resolution of camera.

Camera Digital

Unknown said...

No doubts about the results.

Just their overall implementation.

Such a beautiful camera, but nagging doubts remain.

I may get one...sometime.

But not quite just yet

Other manufacturers beware, a good idea is only the start, but at this price point you still have to get it right.

On the plus side, it has shown that there is a considerable appetite for such a camera.

Down to Fuji come up with some smart firmware, or perhaps a MK2 version.

It would be a shame if they missed out, having established there is a demand.