Thursday 28 April 2011

Turning Pro Workshops in London and Birmingham

One of the most frequent conversation I have is with photographers who want to go pro

Who have day jobs, or have just left university and want to explore the possibilities of going pro, or perhaps they want to just earn some extra money in their spare time.

The fact is easier to take good pictures than ever before, like any industry photography is driven by supply and demand, and my goodness do we have a lot of supply out there.

Just on the further education front in Britain more photographers are trained than there are jobs for, not just in the UK but in the whole of the EU.

Think of it.

It is against this backdrop that I have decided to run two 'turning pro workshops'

One in London the other in Birmingham.

What's more there will not be a light or camera in sight.

This will be to explore why some brilliant photographers sit at home, and I mean some of the very best photographers in Britain, waiting for the phone to ring, while some less talented individuals work ceaselessly, with full diaries.

There are no hard and fast rules of how to go pro and different photographers have different philosophies.

I will share my philosophy which has kept me competitive and productive in the photographic business for more than 30 years.

I will take you through as many areas as we can cover in one day, promotion, targeting new clients, current clients, why does the other guy the job and not me? Invoicing, shooting stock, should I shoot for free?, what should be in my portfolio, deliverables and I will share the mistakes I have made over the years, so hopefully you won't make them.

This is business based so it will apply to you wether you are a social photographer, wedding photographer, photo journalist or food photographer.

In fact any kind of photographer currently working.

My aim is that delegates will leave with the tools to help them be profitable, professional and happy in their work.

So far the London workshop on the 10th May is pretty much full, though I have a couple of places left, with delegates traveling from as far afield as Denmark and Spain to attend.

I have more spaces available in the Birmingham 12th May workshop though, so if you are interested you can book through my website

Affordable too, at whisker less than £100.00

These are the first ever paying seminars I have done in the UK, yes really!

There will be lighting seminars/workshops from me in the UK this year, along with some much further afield

But I feel very passionately about this much negleted subject.

Come and join me?


Barak said...

When are you going to teach this on the west coast of the US?

Justin Zhang said...

Had my seat reserved in Birmingham, see you there on 12th.

Justin Zhang

Skel said...

The link to the workshop doesn't seem to be working... Can you repost it?

Unknown said...

Hi Skel

Thank you for pointing that out

I have reposted it



Unknown said...

Dear Barak

If there were enough demand I would.

Lets see how I go for time, baby due in 3 weeks so....



Unknown said...

Dear Justin

Thanks for signing up, I look forward to meeting you



garry said...

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