Thursday 1 July 2010

What I'm Listening to right now.....

I was lucky enough to get to see Natalie Merchant again at the Hammersmith Apollo last month

A great gig, by an intelligent Woman who in addition to being a superlative Singer and Songwriter, is interested in the wider world, history and photography too I suspect, as she spoke about both throughout the gig

She has a new album

 'Leave Your Sleep'

It is an Album of 19th and 20th Century American and British poetry put to music

A rather ambitious project to say the least

Yes, I thought that this could be a 'bridge too far' for Natalie Merchant, I was not sure just how she would pull it off

But she did, with panache

 It is a very good album, truly a skilfully woven tapestry of many genres

Here is a flavour of the Album, my favourite track 'The Man in the Wilderness'

Very beautiful, some great reviews too

Go treat yourself and get the album, you will not be disappointed


Mister Ian said...

She's also been on Ted. I've enjoyed her music for many years and she is one of few who haven't "sold out"

Unknown said...

Hi Mister Ian

Thanks for the TED link

Not sure about the mask she is wearing during the first number but she is her own woman and has never sold out, you are right

Did you click on the link in my blog to the acoustic performance in the church?

Have a great weekend



Unknown said...

I was fortunate enough to catch her performance in Birmingham at the Symphony Hall. Still have to get the album :(