Tuesday 6 July 2010

In answer to David Hobby's question....

Last month I attended the London workshop that David Hobby held in London

During one of the question and answer sessions he asked me what my favourite photo book was.

Now if you are anything like me your favourite book, like your favourite movie changes from day to day

Readers of this blog may know of two of the books which set me on the photographic highway 30 years ago

Shooter  by David Kennerly

What it means to live, breathe and BE a photojournalist, a book which shaped my career


Pictures on a Page by Harold Evans

A book from a now dead age but contains so much which is still relevant and inspirational, a book I often refer back to

But when David put me on the spot I went for neither of these

I instead chose not one but two books by Joe McNally

Of all the photo books in the world why did I plump for these two?

Well firstly I went for them both as I was torn between which was my favourite so both got the nod in the end

These books are about what it really means to be a working photographer, not just taking a neat picture because we feel like it but how we respond when we HAVE to take or make a photograph with sparkle and panache, as part of a commission.

That is where true class shines through, which as anyone who is familiar with Joe and his work will be aware he has in spades, with a ton of soul too.

Not only are there some great stories from the road, there is a ton of technique and field craft, along with his philosophy

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you care one jot about photography and you have hear and soul, which I believe you do, otherwise you would not be reading this right now.

Go and get one or both of these books for the holidays, they will inspire you like no others.

I asked David Hobby if he would ever do a similar book?

He replied ' I'm not sure I could put together anything as good as Joe has'

Praise indeed

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