Friday 9 July 2010

Hurricane Alex by Diego Huerta

I was putting the finishing touches to my Manfrotto 'Still in Motion' webinar, when I received this email a few moments ago

Hi Drew, 

You don't know me but I know you, and admire you. My name is Diego, I’m a photographer from Monterrey, México. 

My city was destroyed by Hurricane "Alex".

There is not enough news about it. 

The photographs were taken between Saturday and the morning of today. I can assure you that conditions have not changed since I took them.

If you can show or talk something in your blog about it I would appreciate it.

Any other information you want from me, or other photographs let me know. 

We need help 


Consider if you will for a moment the words

'My city has been destroyed' 

It may be Monterrey in Mexico but it could be your city or mine

Diego Huerta has shot this great and very personal set of images of HIS city

What for me is very special about this set of pictures is the sheer spirit and determination of ordinary people fighting together for THEIR city

Not just rolling over but working together to clear the terrible mess

These people are victims but they certainly are not behaving like victims

I think we should perhaps all have to go through something like this to shake us from our sleep of everyday life

I have to say it moved me, and reminded me how lucky I was to be sitting in my flat and not in a pile of rubble

Spread the word guys


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