Sunday 24 July 2011

PODAS Fashion and Portraiture Workshop, Weston Park

There are workshops and there are Workshops.

Phase One with their PODAS (Phase One Digital Artist Series) really have taken them to a whole new level and to the four corners of the planet.

They go something like this, take a small group of enthusiasts whom in all probability would bleed photography if you cut them, have the very best camera's that money can buy, and throw in instructors who want to share their considerable knowledge in the very best surroundings.

Against this background I was very flattered and more than a little thrilled to be invited by Phase One to co lead the PODAS fashion and portraiture workshop at Weston Park, with super talented and renowned shooter Natalie Dybisz (aka Miss Anelia) if you have not seen her work, do check it out, it is truly unique.

What really piqued my interest though is that we are hiring the WHOLE of Weston park to ourselves.

Weston Park is very special,with more than 1000 acres and its Palladian architecture, it even hosted the G8 Summit retreat in 1998.

As Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister - 8th June 1878 said

"You will find Weston beautiful. I marvel whether I shall ever see the like of it again! It is a place that always pleased me."

This short film gives you a good idea of the place and its rich heritage

We wanted to give this a twist, so instead of the usual 'model shoot' theme, we have decided to give it a period costume theme very much in keeping with Weston Park.

We will have a sack load of Phase One DF camera systems fitted out with the excellent IQ160 60 Megapixel backs, along with the best of the Profoto range, so we can use the super high speed sync.

We should also have one of the amazing Achromatic+ backs which I have been using to shoot people, perhaps not quite what the designers had in mind but the results are stunning. It will be a great oppourtunity to shoot with this most exotic back.

Here is a sample of just what it is capable of, check out the eyes......

It is described on the PODAS page as 'intense' and it certainly will be, as while we are not planning, shooting, or post processing our work, we will be living and breathing photography every moment, sharing knowledge and ideas.

The workshop will be limited to no more than 16 delegates, who will be split into two groups - this really is all about the quality and an experience which will be with every delegate long after they have left.

You can find out all about the workshop in full here.

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