Tuesday 19 July 2011

The Apprentice - What every photographer can all learn from it.

This blog is primarily aimed at UK followers, as if you can't view it you won't really know what I'm talking about.

I have to admit I'm a sucker for well shot and excellently produced series 'The Apprentice' and Wednesday nights will not be the same again for a while.

Were the contestants the cream of British business acumen?


But show had some valuable lessons which we all can apply, and I'm not talking about the mesmeric ariel shots either.

In the last three episodes it dawned on me that Tom was the only person who would win.


Alan, now Lord Sugar made his money producing Amstrad (Alan Martin Sugar Trading) computers making satellite receivers for a man whom if you turn your television on today at 2pm BST you will see answering questions for a parliamentary committee.

So a man who made his money making things.

Lets have a quick look at what the finalists had to offer.

Susan. Boundless enthusiasm with bags of get up and go but firmly rooted in selling cosmetics. Amstrad cosmetics? mmmmmmm

Jim. Front up salesman 'par excellance'. I would be nervous being anywhere near this man as I'm sure he would sell me something even if i did not need it.

Helen. Strong performer throughout the series, but when it came to it she did not have an idea based heavily in the service which other companies are not doing already.

Tom. Call him what ever you like Lovely guy, nerd, geek, who was often steamrollered by pushy team mates, who came up with a business plan in the final which was flawed and of little interest to Lord Sugar.

And he won

Easily I would say too.


Because he is an inventor and an innovator who can and will turn stuff out that Lord Sugar will make a packet from.

He has something that Lord Sugar WANTS.

So to those of you have stuck with me this far, what does this have to do with photographer kind?

Don't bother getting in touch with clients whom you have no synergy with.

Reminds me of when I went into a prospective client around 10 years ago for lifestyle work with a portfolio of Guinness World Record holders and wondered why they showed me the door in pretty short order.


To get your hit rate up with prospective clients ask your self this question?

Who out there will want what I have to offer?

Who out there WANTS what you have to offer?

Target these clients and watch your client list grow...


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