Friday 8 April 2011

Infra red survey

As regular readers of his blog will know, I have been shooting a ton of work on the brilliant if rather pricey Phase One Achromatic back.

I love democracy in Photography so I'm asking readers to suggest other Camera's which work well in IR, wether they be DSLR or compact, I'm seeking your input.

I'm also keen to hear of people's experiences with modified DSLR's

Which is best?

Canon, Nikon, Sony?

Do let me know

It would be great if more people shot IR and not all of us have access to exotic kit.


contact said...

Hey Drew, how are you!. I know theres a place that converts the Fuji S3. I think he also put a manual online.

Let's get in touch again!

Cheers Vincent

Parkylondon said...

Hi. My standard camera is a Canon 7D with a 50D as back up. I also have a 10D converted to infrared. I'm still getting my head around the post processing in PS and, specifically, the changes in the white balance required to get false colour IR in post.

As to which is best, it's not the camera brand necessarily that dictates the quality of the picture. It's much more the nature of the conversion. Who did it, which filter they put in, which ones they took out.

As with the classical Nikon v Canon v Sony question; they're so close together at the lower to medium end it doesn't matter which you choose. By the time it does matter it's probably too late to change!

Unknown said...

Hi Parky

Good advice I think.

Very interested to hear of conversion experiences.

Also interested in camera's which have a strength in IR unmodified.

I know the Canon G2 did and worked quite well.



Unknown said...

Hi Drew,

Have you read the "Guide to Infrared Photography" from Lloyd Chambers? It is $39.99, but it looks like it has a lot of interesting IR stuff. I haven't read that particular one, but I've read his other guides, and they're very good.

Sean McCormack said...

Hi Drew, I started using a 28mm lens with my 5DII and a Hoya R72, eventually getting a Canon 400D converted by APS in the UK. Love the images from it, although I'm hankering for a full frame, as the 5DII is my main body.

Gordon The Photographer said...

If you have one, and you want a laugh, the original iPhone and 3G versions do ir pretty well without mods. Just slap a tiny r72 in front and you can compose and snap onscreen. I did a few myself until I dropped the R72..oops...and bought an iPhone4 which doesn't do the ir thing.....

Unknown said...

Hi Gordon,

Could you post some examples of the iPhone 1 IR images

I'm intrigued.



àsìkò said...

Hi Drew,

I bought an IR converted canon 350D on ebay a few years back and it has been an amazing camera to use. The only niggle I have is after post production (false colour treatment) there can be a bit of grain. From what I have read on the internet it seems this to do with sensor of the 350D. Apparently a conversion on the 5D will eliminate that. I am getting my old 5D converted over the summer to try this out.
I am not doing the conversion myself as I don't want mess up my sensor ;-)
Herea are some of my infrared images on the 350D

These guys I hear are pretty good at conversions
also these guys

I am gonna be using one of them to convert my 5D


Katherine said...
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Unknown said...

Good One Asoko

I will check them out.

I have a 5D MKI which could go under the knife too