Sunday 29 November 2009

Drew calling Ron 'Foley'

A few days ago I put a call for help out to followers of this blog for help with a score for my mini movie (more to follow on this soon!)

'Conrad' got in touch via the blog asking if I needed help with Foley

A Foley artist is, as Wikipedia says 'the person who creates many of the natural, everyday sound effects in a film, which are recorded during a session with a recording engineer. Before the session, a project will be cued, with notes kept about what sounds need to be created during the foley session. Often, the project will have a sound supervisor who will dictate what sounds need to be covered in a foley session and what needs to be created by special (audio) effects, which is generally left to the sound designer.

My project would benefit greatly from this as you might imagine

I was away for the weekend so we did not get to connect

So Conrad do get in touch via my main email and we can get cracking!

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