Thursday 26 November 2009

Can you help score my latest short movie?

I never cease to be amazed by the power of the blog

So, I'm trying it again (previously I asked for help with making a TV programme and I received some very promising leads....)

Last weekend I shot a short self funded 60 second movie

For a joke budget - sub $1000

I will tell you all about it in due course but it is being premiered at Converge.One

If you check the line up it really will be well worthwhile attending if you have any interest in the DSLR HD revolution (and it seems everyone does these days)

Which leads me to my appeal

I shot a vaguely period piece at a cool location and I'm now seeking help with the score

Here are some screen grabs from the project

So, is there a musical genius out there who is willing and able to do this?

There is no budget.

At all

But I could work a ticket out for my collaborator, along with a credit of course.

Come along with me on my next shoot too if you like?

The short will be premiered on the 11th December at the National Film Theatre, so my friends, time is of the essence

UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! I'M leaving the post up, but I now am receiving help from one of the blog followers! So, no need for anymore help, I do not want to waste anyones time

Thank you


David Getsfrid said...

If you want to shoot me an e-mail with any ideas you've got, I think I could work out a 60 second score on short notice. Judging by the screencaps, I'm thinking either piano or small string ensemble sound, with a sort of tango-y dance thing. I'd be able to come up with a more concrete idea upon viewing the video itself. Can deliver an uncompressed .wav or .aiff, or whatever you/your editors prefer.

Besides trying to make it as an advertorial photographer, I work as creative director for a small web video firm, which includes scoring all the original music for our short animated films.

David Getsfrid

Unknown said...

I have a couple of musician friends that I will ping but I strongly recommend and both of which have loads of music released under Creative Commons. I recommend

-- Steve

Unknown said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Your offers of help mean a lot to me

I'm getting David to help me



Unknown said...

Hi Drew,
I'm a professional composer who was alerted by a friend to your plea and found your images interesting.
I would be interested if you find you're still looking.

Unknown said...

Do you need any post production sound done? Sound design and foley?

Unknown said...

Dear Conrad

Yes please!

It is what I'm scratching around for at the moment.

Sorry for the slow reply, spending the weekend with my little girl

Please email me directly at

I will be blogging about this whole experience

Thank you


Ali said...

I have worked as a sound engineer for the last 5 years and Drew Im a little disappointed in you with this blog post. This is no better than people asking graphic designers and photographers to work for free.

Unknown said...


No one was paid in this whole project

At all

This was a creative exercise in the art of the possible

It was without corporate constraints and therefore an opportunity for people to exercise their creativity

If this was a paid job I would agree with your sentiment, but it wasn't

I assure you that I'm the first person to challenge anyone who exploits someone for monetary gain