Wednesday 5 August 2009

Maine Media Workshops '09

The Maine media Workshops, set in the picturesque town of Rockport, have always been very kind to me, providing nourishment to my creativity, while sharing my knowledge and experience with my class.

This was a vintage year indeed however, very special to me

The idea was to to split my class of nine willing and eager students into three groups of three and over the course of the week work on an epic photo of their own, under my watchful eye, advising them on lighting and production of the shot.

The results were outstanding

Have a look at the Facebook page the class created

Keep your eye out for for more updates as the class post them

Of course as tutor I can have no favorites, but I do love this shot by Claire Folger

A composite, following THE golden rule of the locked down tripod which I have covered in previous posts

It was put together by the talented and all round great bloke Andy Bloxham

We rounded the week off with a grand soot of girls in bikinis with a herd of goats (see top) and my good friend Jonathan Zuck shot a short silly video of the proceedings

And if it looks like we had a ball, we did!

Come and join me next year to join in the fun or check out the other classes there in 2010?


Vincent said...

Love to join a class. What about Southern Spain?

Cheers Vincent

Unknown said...

If there was enough interest..why not?



Vincent said...

Hi Drew, how many are persons are needed to make it worth?

If you want to discuss it, please leave a note at


Unknown said...

Hi Vincent,

I have never quite worked it out...5 to 10? I'm not sure.

Lets chat via email?



Unknown said...

How about Southern England. Drew, the West Country is ready and waiting.
5-10? I think we could get 15-30!


Manda said...

I love to join your classes, give me any information as you can. (btw Ive added you on facebook)

stephanie elizabeth said...

That was a lovely workshop! I had a ton of fun modeling for it :)