Wednesday 5 August 2009

Descendants- An Appeal for HELP from you guys.....

Those who follow my blog will know all about The Descendants'

Well I'm trying to get a TV company to make the a program or even a series about it

Believe me I have THE most exciting subjects in the pipeline

As they say its not what you know but who you know

So does anyone have any links to a TV station anywhere on planet earth who might be interested in making this with me?

Perhaps the 'History Channel' even?

If you could help me I would be VERY grateful and the finder would be most welcome on one of the descendants shoots...

Over to you


sneakypete said...

What about "Current Television". I just watch a short intro video on the "RESOLVE" Blog

This guy haas gotten Current Television interested in his marketing film for his book.

Hope that helps.

Unknown said...

Cheers Peter I will check it out


Anonymous said...

I wish I did - you seriously deserve it!

Ali said...

I would suggest looking in to IPTV stations like Revision3.
Rev3 are based in the USA, they have a TV studio in San Fran.

Anonymous said...

Yes I do.
I am actually working with producers on my own show about Photography and would be HAPPY to help however I can.

Hit me up.

gg at gabriellegeiselman dot com