Saturday 17 January 2009

Why I have been quiet.....

Ok, hands up, I have not posted for more than 2 weeks.

Every waking hour I have been working on my DVD project with my good friend Jonathan Laurence

A labour of love which will be finished by sunday night, and then off to be pressed

I'm staggered by how much effort has gone into it

We have learned SO much.

It is my first foray into this field, and hopefully not my last

If I said I had hair at the start of this project but don't anymore I would be exaggerating (well, the bit about me having hair anyway!)

I do hope you enjoy watching the trailer as much as we enjoyed making it

It can also be viewed in HD on YouTube

Normal blogging service will now be resumed


Glyn Dewis said...

Hi Drew,

Just viewed the trailer and it looks awesome!!!

Can't wait to get hold of a copy ... any ideas when it's gonna be available?

All the best,

Unknown said...

Awesome love to see the DVD, I have never seen a trained badger before. How does one go up to a pretty model and explain that you are going to bury her in the woods without her running to the police.

I am really looking forward to his ,



JKorn said...

This looks great. Sign me up.

You know, there are a lot of photographers out there that talk about their process (which I can't get enough of), but no one ever seems to talk about the time and budget involved in these epic shoots. I understand that it's more of a private business matter, but I also think it would give the production a sense of scale for those of us who don't know.

Thanks for sharing.

Tom said...

Amazing stuff. Love to see the final images.

Emily Qualey said...

You and Jon are quite the pair! Looking forward to seeing the final product.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'd let a badger near me during a shoot...and I'd be the photographer, not the model! Same thing goes for the skunk. I presume you used a 400mm for the skunk shots, right? ;-)

Great trailer; it certainly piqued my interest in the DVD. How long will it be?

William. E. A. said...

I think you're work is amazing! I can't wait for the DVD! When is it coming out by the way? Also, when did you start doing photography. I'm already 15 and I feel like I'm losing time. You're an inspiration.


muha said...

hi Drew
this is great. waiting for the final DVD


Zoomfreaky said...

Hé Drew,

Looks great. Love to see the DVD. The whole clip radiates fun and passion for what you're doing. Good luck with the last bit of editing!

Greetz, Bojoura

Photobox Studios said...

Hello! Another good post. I have been watching your blog since Hobby at Strobist referred to it. I do have a question. Do you use a Mac? This is not a gear matching question. I use one and I have had a major problem with Blogger not letting me post images over the last few days. I've tried Firefox, Safari and Flock and I keep getting error codes. Any problems on your end?

beefie said...

Hello Drew - chanced across the war buffalo video - fab, really enjoyed seeing it
Hope all is well

Sergei Rodionov said...

Cool beans :)

Any updates on release date for final DVD yet? :)

Giles said...

Hi Drew,

Great to meet up with you at Focus, and really enjoyed your presentation on the Phase One stand. I remember you mentioning the spider web detail in the past, but it really was so impressive to see it on the large-scale prints.

I finally got round to watch the full DVD, and I have to say... I think you did a great job. Just the right balance of technical versus inspirational advice, and your good humour and honesty really came through.

I'm sure it'll prove to be invaluable for those looking to progress in their photography.

For the benefit of other readers, I have posted my thoughts about the DVD here.

Oh, and for what it's worth, I don't know whether there is such a thing as a 'badger platform' either!

Cheers Drew.

Unknown said...

Hi Guys

Thank you for your comments and support

It means a lot to me



ikuma said...

this is the only dvd-related post I found so I'll comment here, the link to the Flashcentre opens the Strobist's DVD, not yours Drew. Just thought it might not be a bad idea to fix so buyers won't buy that one by mistake instead of yours ;)