Monday 28 July 2014

Level 50

As some humorous person wrote on my Facebook wall last year, I think, congratulations you have reached level 49.

It made me smile then and in a funny sort of way it makes me smile even more now.

Not only just reaching level 50 in the game of life, but managing to hang on in there and somehow reinvent myself in the game of photography.

This year is my 35th year as a pro photographer.

I'm actually quite proud of staying in the game as long as I have - though I do have to be careful, as when I tell some clients on the phone how long I have been shooting I think they expect to see some guy holding a Zimmer frame turn up on the shoot.

If you have been following my blog over the years, you may have noticed that my frequency of blogging has somewhat petered out.

I do have an excuse - sort of.

Over the last year I have entered a new genre of photography - new to me anyhow.

My new direction will surprise some people and I will share it with you in the next couple of months - along with a brand spanking new website to showcase my new work - exciting times.

Does this mean I am turning my back on things like the 'Forest' ? 

Absolutely not.

The Forest in fact, is right now touring China and by way of a (slightly) early birthday present this week I heard the news that the 'Forest' has won the grand award of the Qinghai photography festival 

Which means I get this trophy and quite special certificate adorned with red stars and hammers and sickles.

What next? 

Well, lots to tell.

My TV doc will be screened in the coming months....more of that too on the new site.


Wes Devauld said...

35 years? You started charging for photographic services at 15?

Unknown said...

Hi Wes,

indeed I did. On the Spalding Guardian.

It's been a long old road.



Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Drew I make to salute you for winning of Chinese prize it make me proud I know you and your work is. Can I ask question. What is in you head when you think photograph? Is it technical first thinking or are you making visual picture in head before anything? I try to make my thinking of photographs like you but is no possible I think you have brain like nobody. So good Mr Drew again for prize where to stick trophy

Anonymous said...

Also Mr Drew I make mistake not to make you congratulate for so long making us laughing in photography in Egypt now is big crisis and maybe they talking of the finishing of photography always in school and closing school as not stricly religious. So you making work is important for us too see

Iden Pierce Ford said... are in uber inspiration and a leader in our industry....btw Walter B sends his regards. Happiest of Birthdays. I'll be 85 when I reach the 35 year

Unknown said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your really kind messages.

Fahtim, it means a lot to me to know I make people smile with my work, I hope your school stays open, do your best my will find a way.

Iden, thank you for your kind words, please say a big hello to Walter from me.

I'm very close to going 'Live' with a new website which better reflects what I'm involved in these days, with a new name too.

I have a new descendant photograph which I will be unveiling soon and is a TV doc too, though at present, will not be airing in the UK or Canada.

I hope it will cause a stir......think of the most famous painting in the world and you will not be too far wrong.



Anonymous said...

Mr Drew i want to ask to you more question which is. How it is to be genius to like you. you can do to everything, make photo, film tv and book so i want to ask to you is genius learning or in jeans.
In Arabic we have saying أنت حمار مع الدماغ من الجبن which mean your life is inspiral to all world. I salute to you

Unknown said...

Dear Fahtim

Thank you again for your kind words.

I am no genius, believe me.

I just have a vivid imagination and photography, stills and moving, are my way of expressing what is going on in my head.

Warm Regards


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