Friday 18 October 2013

Latest Forest Shot -Behind the Scenes Video

Here is the behind the scenes video form the Moose shoot which gives you a bit of an idea just how BIG an Elk (Moose) is, and how much nerve you need to get on one!

I hope you enjoy it.

There has been a potentially sad twist to the shoot regarding the fate of the Elk which I am just checking out now before I post about it.

Have a great weekend


Sean McCormack said...

I hope that means you are happy with it! Love it, Hopefully not the last in the series Drew.

Iden Pierce Ford said...

What a beautiful woman and beast (elk). My God you've got the ultimate rig too!
I assume the wifi. Worked well and it seems you dropped the ambient quite a bit with an Los lens. Dream photography in my books and to top it off a beautiful model.

Iden Pierce Ford said...

Meant LS lens

Dorrit King Photographics said...

Sorry hon, an elk and a moose - two different species. Sometimes moose get called elk by mistake in Europe... but an elk is also known as a Wapiti if that helps! What you have there, in all its glory, is a Moose. And please, what happened to it? Feeling worried!

Unknown said...

Hi Journeyseeker,

Alces alces is still Alces alces, wether or not we choose to call it an Elk or a Moose.

What happened to him? Well I'm making sure of my facts before I post...but it does not look good.


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Howdy said... невероятно хороши!!!!