Friday 5 July 2013

Opportunity Knocks

A little over a week ago.

The phone rang.

Voice  'Hey Drew'

Me  'Who is that?

Voice 'Its Rodney Charters, would you fancy helping out on a shoot? I need someone to be first Assistant director'

Rodney is the highly respected DP of '24', 'Dallas' and 'Shameless'

Rodney with the Arri Alex M

Four days later I was in the middle of the most intense video shoot as first assistant director.

I cannot recall leaning more in such a short period of time.

Quite simply unforgettable.

It all goes public in a weeks time and I'm looking forward to sharing what exactly does go on behind the scenes of a music video when executed to the highest standards with heaps of drive and passion.


Libby said...

What a great opportunity for you. Funny I was just thinking about Rodney yesterday and if he was up to anything. I just should have asked you ;-)

Look forward to hearing more about the project. Have a great weekend!

Andor said...

Congratulations for the opportunity - please let us know the results of project!

Unknown said...

Hey Guys

It was special.

If time allows I will give a detailed breakdown of each shot.

Just have to wait for it to go public..


Iden Pierce Ford said...

Being an on set stills photographer my experience with the first AD is.always do not piss them off or get in their, I'm sure you cracked the whip and kept the whole thing moving....

Unknown said...

Hi Iden,

I was told I was 'too nice'!


Unknown said...

Thanks for this giveaway opportunity and congrats on your 100th post! I love surprises!
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