Friday 7 June 2013

Zeiss Touit mini test- Part 2 and conclusions

I have been greatly enjoying the Touit lenses, they are gems.

I have had a few people ask for a straight f1.8 comparison between the Fuji 35mm F1.4 and the Zeiss Touit at F1.8.

I have finally got around to it.

Fuji 35 F1.4 at F1.8

Full Frame

Zeiss Touit F1.8 at F1.8

Full Frame

Even full frame you can see there is quite a difference.

Now for the 100 percent test.

Fuji 35 F1.4 at F1.8

Zeiss Touit F1.8 at F1.8

The Fuji lens is by no means bad but the advantage of the Zeiss is plain to see, particularly in the flowers and the distant trees.

Overall I have found it to be a great 'companion' lens.

I found it to be a really nice close portrait lens too.

The Touit 12mm

I have to say I have not used it quite so much as the 32mm but what I have seen is impressive, though I have not had the opportunity to test it against the nearest Fuji lens.

Full frame

At F2.8

At F8.0

At F16.0

Now at 100 percent




A few things to say here, it is notable just how good the lens is wide open, something I have found with all Zeiss wide angle lenses I have encountered. Notable that at F16.0 things go a little soft but though I'm no lens expert, I feel it is probably diffraction, as it looks very similar to the diffraction I encountered on my Canon XF305 when that was stopped down beyond F8.0.


Anyone who spends that little bit extra on a Zeiss Touit lens will not only feel the beautiful jewel like quality every time they pick the camera up, but if my short rather unscientific test are anything to go by, will see the difference every time they take a picture, a deep quality that really does shine through.

There is a bigger point for me here though, with a lens camera combination which I found was much easier to manual focus than with the Fuji lenses, the Zeiss lenses have made the Fuji X Pro 1 a much more relevant camera, one that I will struggle to let go.

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