Friday 12 April 2013

Frank Doorhof visit to Gardner towers

Recently Frank Doorhof and his wife Annewiek stopped by for dinner, I cooked my favourite Winter warmer dish, Ox cheek stew.

If you are not familiar with his excellent work may I recommend you check his site out, I'm always learning a trick or two on it.

After dinner Frank invited me to participate in an impromptu interview for his regular interview series 'The DOORhof is always open'

It was a wide ranging interview covering, the importance of styling, personal work, boring work, why a medium format camera is the ultimate blank sheet of paper, why retouching is a commercial decision, how my work is built on disaster/failure plus many, many others too.

In episode 9 Frank also interviews Alastair Jolly, Maisy James, Larry Becker, Steve Howdle, James Schmelzer and Rick Sammon.

I do hope you enjoy it.


Libby said...

Just delightful Drew. A good watch after a long hard day. I enjoyed your take on postwork. I keep telling the new kids that if they spend 3 hours massaging one image in Photoshop that they'll starve to death.

MF Timelapse - you can do it! Hope you have big hard drives LOL.

Ox cheek stew? Sounds good! I make a mean steak and kidney pie -) You have a fantastic weekend!

Unknown said...

Hi Libby,

Oh what wise words to your class!

I will be borrowing that expression.

Hope you have a great week.


Good old Clive said...

Enjoyed your chat with Frank, food for thought all we need is action.

Unknown said...

Hello Clive

Action indeed.

I take my hat off to Frank, as he is one of the most industrious and productive photographers I know of.


Unknown said...

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