Tuesday 22 January 2013

World War Two bunkers and defences by Jonathan Andrew

I Love personal photographic projects.

When I saw Jonathan Andrew's series of well executed and beautifully lit photo's of World War Two defences I just had to know more.

If you want to see more from the series check out his site.

But What inspired him?

Why and how did he do it?

He answers all of these questions and more in this interview I did with him which runs just over 15 mins.

We can all learn a lot from him, particularly about just getting out there and shooting when you have the gear.

Very inspiring.

A nice bloke too.



Iden Pierce Ford said...

remarkable and brilliant. Thank you for sharing

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks Iden

It was my pleasure.

He was very inspirational.



Libby said...

Haunting yet somehow beautiful remains of such a very hallowed time in our history. I also had a look at Jonathan's port such a difference in his landscapes. A totally different flavor.

And I see you got all tickled when he mentioned the Phase ;-) I knew it almost immediately. That's definitely not a DSLR look.

Thanks so much - so much to learn here and not just about the images, but in the care and tending of the work.

Unknown said...

Hi Libby,

Thank's for that.

Jonathan is very inspiring.

Beautiful work too.

Instead of sitting around we can go out and CREATE with all of this gear we have.

Wake up call for me too.



Lachlan said...


Interestingly the way he lit them was the same way I lit one of my favourite shots. Except I was after star trails and shot wide open instead for 15 minutes while light painting with a flash.

Unknown said...

Hi Lachlan,

I love this light painting lark.

I keep meaning to have a go at it but there is so much light pollution to contend with in my neck of the woods.

Have you seen Dave Black's work?

It is excellent.