Tuesday 23 October 2012

Possibly the best time lapse. Ever.

 Time lapse is ubiquitous.

And quite rightly so.

Along with it's cousin super slow motion, I cannot think of a better way of capturing the passing of time.

I like many others tend to use it as a quirky bit of fun instead of using it as a narrative.

In fact examples of time lapse that truly tell a story are relatively few and far between.

When the space shuttle flew into Los Angeles for the last time it made one of the great photo ops of the year.

The juxtaposition of something big and that is normally in space was a sight to behold.

Bryan Chan pho editor and photographer at the 'La Times' shot a multi view time lapse of the shuttles final journey.

It really is outstanding.

He tells the story here in the LA Times blog.

As you will read planning is all.

Time lapse can be child's play, but when used to tell a story of an historic journey it is a very powerful tool.


Libby said...

Since you recommended I gave it a watch. I have actually been avoiding watching it because of the tree cutting spree the city of LA went on in order to accommodate the thing. You're right, it's good.

I'll leave you with my own current favorite. Not historically gripping but it has a different look and feel


Hope you're feeling better - Libby

Unknown said...

Thanks Libby

I'm much better thanks.
Thank you so much for sharing the time-lapse.

Mind boggling and mesmeric.