Wednesday 19 September 2012

Blogging Radio Silence

Where on earth have I been?

Why no posts?

I have not done a Rob Galbraith (his voice on the web will be sorely missed)

But it has been a rather packed and trying couple of months to say the very least.

July was taken up with a massive advertising shoot on a big scale, which required me to hire a tube train carriage. When the wraps come off I would love to talk about it, needless to say it took over my life for a while, leaving little room for anything else.

Then it was August and family holidays and I just wanted to kick back and do nothing.

It was at about this time that my body told me in no uncertain terms that I had been burning the candle every which way and it wasn't going to have it anymore and I got sick.

Bit of a scare for me if I'm honest, but I came down with hepatitis - bought on by glandular fever.

I'm on the mend now and feel like blogging again so I'm back on the scene.

With some super shoots ahead too.


tonionick said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Andor said...

Wish you a fast and complete recovery too!

Libby said...

Have missed you and figured that you were busy. Good for you on kicking back and doing nothing for awhile. It's needed sometimes. When I worked in engineering up until 10 years ago, I made sure the computers were shut off on Saturdays and Sundays and I cooked. Gourmet stuff and all sorts of bizarre concoctions.

Sorry to hear of your health issue and I wish you the best in your recovery.