Tuesday 26 June 2012

'the Aviator' travel Jib from Zeke Kamm

I met Zeke Kamm at the 'Collision' conference at the the LA film school.
Zeke is a man of considerable passion, with some big ambitions and ideas.

There are no shortage of kick starter projects out there but this one caught my eye as it looks to be a good way to travel with a lightweight jib or crane offering the user the chance to add considerable 'production value' to a project.

Check out the examples and you will see what I mean.

Though just like a steady cam and slider it takes practice to master.

I do hope Zeke gets this off the ground as it is a clever and elegant design which doesn't break the bank.


Libby said...

That pivot action is sweet here. I am still on the fence as to what I want to do with video, so going to have to think on this one.

Drew I have a question for you - I have a longwinded debate going on here with a few local shooters, so I am taking a small survey of some respected shooters. The question is about using zoom lenses in video. Do you use a zoom lens

Never? Sometimes? Once a year? Once in your career?

I know it is a question with a lot of answers of the why and why not. I really don't need that part. That's a whole separate discussion as you are well aware.

Thanks so much

Libby ;-)

Unknown said...

Hi Libby,

I love my prime but I use zooms often.

When Rodney Charters came round at the New Year, we had a chat about zooms and he said he liked them.



Libby said...

Hmmm I'll have to watch the Rodney videos again and see if it is mentioned. I think I will get a lot more out of them this time around. Plus the last time I watched I think it was 3 am and I was drinking beer ;-)

Reason for the question is that I just see them used badly so often. The old constant zoom in and out while shooting. A couple of friends working on some small productions are wondering on whether to invest in them eventually or not. Right now they are running Nikon primes on Canon because that's what they cobbled together.

Thank you!