Wednesday 26 October 2011

Day 1 at Canon pro Solutions and a dislike of Tomatoes

Thanks to all who came to my 'Crossing the Line' seminar at Canon Pro soloutions, I was speaking nominally about Canon XF305 and Final Cut Pro.

I do not claim to be an editor, let alone a trainer but I did speak a little about FCPX.

Now love it(and I do actually like it)or hate it(as quite a few people said they do) it is here and we might as well start to explore the possibilities of this new way of doing things.

What struck me was when I asked the audience how many people had used it and only one hand went up. Though there maybe a few points of contention, why on earth not at least give it a go?

My daughter Georgie does not like Tomatoes and I always joke with her that how does she know that she doesn't, as she has never actually tried one?

It seems to me that tomato syndrome could be taking hold......

More on the Canon Pro solutions show tomorrow 

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