Friday 8 October 2010

Tethered setup - The Movie

I still get many requests for details about the very handy tethered setup I use

Infact I used it on my latest Forest shoot 'The Zebra' which I shot earlier this week

Brian Worley shot this image of me with the column inverted so I can get close to the ground, it still works a treat

OK, so there is not a Zebra in sight, a bit of a tease!

The images will be released later next month, so keep an eye out for them

In answer to the questions Lucinda shot this video of me using a Canon 5d Mk2

I hope it answers some of the questions

Drew Gardner - Tethered Set Up Tutorial from Manfrotto on Vimeo.


Steven Erat said...

Thanks for posting this Drew. When you blogged about this in 2009 I purchased the whole rig. One problem I found was that the Gitzo platform would easily turn sideways if bumped because there wasn't enough friction even with the knob fastened very tightly. I ended up cutting a square of old bicycle tire with a tiny hole to slide over the screw, then I placed the rubber patch over the plate before tightening the screw. The rubber introduced enough friction to securely hold the plate without any sideways movement. Incidentally, the velcro on my macbook is now always getting stuck on table tops or sofas, where ever there's fabric when I lay it down :-)

-Steven Erat
Boston Portrait Photographer

Unknown said...

Hi Steven

I like the tip of the bicycle tyre, I will give it a go

My Macbook is getting stuck to stuff all the time too!