Sunday 31 January 2010

A Brilliant start to the Year!

Just about wrapped up the new DVD 'Stills in Motion'

It is aimed at users of HD DSLR's to help them get to grips with video side of things

The idea is to share what I heave learned on my journey to integrate moving images into my work

I shot this with Dennis Lennie (director/producer), Katherine Holley(editor) and Peter Payne(second camera)

I'm very excited with the rushes I have seen so far.

We hope to have it done and dusted for launch at 'Focus on Imaging' in March

So watch this space.

And like so many things in life when you are as busy as anything, what do you get?

Yes, more work!

For the next month I will be shooting a big ad job

It is not any old ad job either, they are giving me considerable freedom

Yes, it is very exciting and I will share all I can with you when it comes out

Followers of my blog will know I was not the happiest at the end of last year

2010 has been one serious turn around in fortunes, I hope it has been for you too


Virgilio said...

congrats on your new upcoming big ad job. i shall wait on your updates on this.

Gordon The Photographer said...

I think 2009 was pretty debilitating for everyone. 2010 is looking like things are heading in the right direction though. Certainly for me it is as I have my first works on show in a Gallery Exhibition...not a big one but as Richard Dreyfuss said..."baby steps".

Good luck Drew!

Unknown said...

Cheers Guys

Watch this space!

Best of Luck with the show Gordon, enjoy every moment

Remember to shoot the space with your pics hanging, it can be useful when trying to secure your next show

Have a great weekend


Unknown said...

Hey Drew! Do you know Which day are you presenting your new DVD at Focus on Imaging?

Frozen Forever Photography said...

Good to hear your year is on a better path. I enjoyed the last DVD so I am looking forward to the next one. Keep up the good work.


Unknown said...

Hey Conrad

I will be at the Flash Centre Stand but I'm unsure what days at the moment

I will post a Focus update this week when I know more

Hope you are well



Unknown said...

Dear Grady

Thank you very much for your kind words

This is the best start to ANY year I have had!

This DVD will be very different, much more instructional, but still very 'me' I hope

Thank you for your support