Wednesday 25 March 2009

Good news indeed for the photographic World!

Phase One is making a 'significant financial investment' in Mamiya Digital Imaging.

I have used the Phase One camera, which is based on the Mamiya AFDIII on many occasions and it continues to go from strength to strength with 'Leaf shutter' lenses on the horizon too.

I have been greatly impressed by their optics too which are at least as sharp as the HC lenses on my Hasselblad H1, the Mamiya 28mm lens must simply be seen to be believed-it is stunning!

To quote from the release....

“We are committed to providing open, upgradable medium format camera
systems, so that pro photographers can enjoy the maximum flexibility and
versatility at an attractive cost of ownership,” said Henrik O. HÃ¥konsson
President, Phase One. “Furthering our relationship with Mamiya Digital Imaging
that we initiated in 2006, we continue to design a broad range of new cameras,
digital backs and lenses that will offer the world’s leading photographers greater
choice and satisfaction.”

Mmmmmm broad range of new cameras!

This news is very timely as BJP revealed recently that Franke & Heidecke the supplier of camera systems,for both 'Leaf' and 'Sinar', had gone into administration

As photographers we all need to aspire to the very highest quality cameras and digital backs there are out there(even if they are out of our price range) and one of the very biggest names in digital imaging wading in with investment, safeguarding the format AND giving us more kit to choose from can only be applauded


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dwdmguy said...

What does this mean for Leaf?

I have a Mamiya AFD and I use the old Mamiya M645 lenses. They are unbeatable. Best part, now I can get amazing prices on them in the area of $200 and I have the 120 Macro f/4 from the old 645 and it may be the sharpest lens I've ever used. $270 and new it was almost $2000.

Unknown said...

Their lenses are WAY sharper than people give them credit for!

Do try out the 28mm it is amazing, sooooooooooooo sharp!

The other thing is that they are very light too,getting on for half the weight of HC lenses in some cases

Lets raise our glasses to lighter camera bags!

Anonymous said...

This is actually rather strange and somewhat back to front. A small Danish company is making a "significant financial investment" in a major Japanese corporation?

Stuart Goring said...

Hi Drew,,

we met at focus a couple of weeks ago (in the eleventh hour), hope your doing well,,,, light lenses sound great, we are taking a blad with three heavy lenses to italy next week, Ba will love the excess bagage charge..


Anonymous said...
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