Sunday 28 September 2008

A New Dawn...........

So,the long awaited Canon 5d mk 2 has been shown to a hungry photographic world.
I have been a fan and daily user of the Canon 5d Mark 1 since its launch a little over 3 years ago.Great image quality,full frame sensor simple user interface, stunning low light performance and yes,the optimum size and its light weight.I have taken many of my favorite photos on it including this shot of Mick Jones of 'The Clash' for 'GQ' Magazine.I used my Canon L series 35mm F1.4, a lens I LOVE!

So with more than a little trepidation I attended a hands on preview at Canon's offices in London, to see what they had achieved with 'my camera'

And their lies the problem.

Not only is it 'my camera' everyone else considers it to be 'my camera' too

So it was NEVER going to please everyone.....

The audience was mainly press photographers from what was formally known as 'Fleet Street'

Some of the comments I heard on the night....

'What a disaster! Canon have messed it it up again'

'Good camera apart from the video facility, why the F**** do I need that?'

'21 mega pixels? I wanted 14! at 10 frames a second!

'Canon have missed an open goal, video is for people who have no imagination'

My answer to these,and other rather intemperate comments, lies amongst other places,in this truly remarkable short HD movie shot on the Canon 5d mark2 some weeks before its launch by the great photographer Vincent Laforet

The Canon 5d mark2 is the first DSLR of 'convergence'

One that delivers great stills at 21 megapixels and stunning HD video too

Of course the new 5d did not have one or two features which I wanted to see,including a locking mode selector, a feature I and every other 5d user have been asking for since the launch of the 5d Mark1.

But nit picking aside, Canon have,on balance achieved greatness with this camera

One that challenges perceptions of all photographers

Myself included

It is time for all of us to embrace this amazing technology, and go create GREAT images,still,moving or both.

As one member of Canon's management said 'We have thrown a curve ball at the opposition'

He was not wrong


BrightLight said...

I am a 5D mkI user and have loved it but the big omission for me was not including a double card slot as in the 1Ds, Nikons D3 has made me consider a change of kit and I was waiting in hope the 5D MKII would have this I am sure its a great camera, but I wish camera manufacturers would listen to what photographers are asking for in a professional camera.

Unknown said...

Hi Neil

I too have some frustrations (lack of locking mode dial for instance)regarding the 5d Mk2, well at least I think I do, I just need to try one! Which I hope to be doing this weekend.
I will let you know my thoughts...
On the subject of storage /cards for the 5d mk2 a point which has not been made clear enough to consumers is that it is one the only cameras on the market which is optimized for the latest generation UDMA storage, which opens up a whole range of possibilities.
As for switching to a D3? Well it is a much bigger,heavier, expensive camera, it cannot shoot HD video and it has a little over half the res.A good camera for sports and press photographers but if you do not fall into this category you must ask yourself if you really need a camera which shoots 10 fps?