Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Vintage lenses for Phase One DF.....Quite a look.

Yesterday was a pretty action packed day, with two presentations for Phase One.

Enthusiastic and engaged audiences at both.

At the first I met someone who has got it into his head to do something very left field with his Phase One DF and IQ180 back.

Phase has some of the best optics available in the shape of the Schneider LS lenses which are VERY sharp indeed.

Yat Lee was brave and decided to do something which is very different and ultimately very rewarding

Of late, I have really embraced a shallow depth of field, in fact Lucinda and I shot the whole of the 'Olympic Golden greats' at F2.8 on the Schneider lenses.

F2.8 on a monster sensor gives a lovely shallow depth of field, but what if you wanted to take it further?

Yat has had a whole range of vintage cinema and projector lenses adapted to fit his Phase One DF.

His favourite is the F2 Cook 100mm cinema lens.

Check out this lovely shot in the video as Yat tells us a little more about the lenses he had modified.

Location:Hong Kong


Justin Sutcliffe said...

Great post and fascinating. would love to see even more of this guy's work. J

Unknown said...

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