Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Farewell Bangkok

In the shape of a timelapse from my hotel window.

Goodness the traffic there....

Next stop indonesia


Anonymous said...

Really sorry you won't be able to make it to Australia. Perhaps you could release more videos instead? :)


Unknown said...

Hi Morgana

Me too.

I hope to reschedule my trip though.

Many more exciting things on the go.



Denny Wells said...

"Goodness the traffic there." Indeed.

My favorite Bangkok traffic anecdote from time with the Peace Corps in Thailand: due to poor planning, I traveled from Surin to Bangkok on a major Thai holiday (Loy Gratong). It took about 6 hours on a bus to transit the ~500km from my home to the north bus terminal in Bangkok. Due to the extra holiday traffic, it took another 4 hours to transit the ~10km across Bangkok to my final destination.

Great time lapse!

Unknown said...

Hey Danny,

Quite a tale and I'm not surprised.

I have heard reports of parents taking sleeping children into the car for the school run, getting them dressed in the traffic jams so they get to school too...