Sunday, 8 April 2012

Bangkok.......Lots of colour

In more ways than one.

The crowd at Phase One's Thailand agent Sunshai's studio was diverse.

What was remarkable was the number of hobbyist shooters present, and the level of their work.

The bar is getting higher by the day, with standards rising all the time.

A really fantastic Jewellery shooter and a 'fashion' portrait shooter really stood out, and I will be sharing their work at later date.

Telling tales of adventures in photography through an interpreter to the audience went much smoother than I anticipated.

It was soon time for the 'Live shoot'

This time with a Phase One IQ180, a full fat 80 megapixels.

I was shooting tethered, though with its amazing LCD you don't really need to, think of an iPhone on the back of your camera and you won't be so far out. A quantum leap from the P65+ I normally use.

I thought I would try something a little different and shoot with undiffused lights and 3 different coloured gels, red, green and blue, all heads set at different angles to ensure some freaky shadows.

The pic at the top of the post was the very first frame, in someways a shame that her foot was clipped by a light stand, we did many retakes but predictably none had the power and expression of that first joyful leap, so often the case, right?

Next stop Jakarta.


Craig said...

Not to be underestimated those Bangkokians :) I been watching Asian photographers for a while and there is some amazing talent in that region.

oh, just a though, if your gonna be back in blighty in less than 2 weeks, pop by my wifes house in bkk and pick up my x-pro 1 for me ? :)

Colin Lee said...

It's was great to meet you Drew. Thanks for dropping by BKK.



ps. how did the BKK time-lapse turn out?