Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Yet another bag! All be it a VERY good one.

I have many,many camera and equipment bags.

In fact so many I do need to have a good clean out of them.

So what did I do? I went out and bought another.


But here is my excuse, sorry sound reason for doing so.

To transport my lightstands and softboxes I use the brilliant and all but indestructible California Sunbounce roller bags. I'm still using one which is around 10 years old.

But there is nowhere to put my Elinchrom Quadra's in there.

So I have been looking for a solution which I could carry around a complete set of lights, stands and modifiers.

I popped into the Flash centre the other day and the Palm 1 bag by Kata caught my eye.

It does look slightly unusual.

It appearance maybe due to the fact it is based on a design for a rocket launcher case.

Think of swords into ploughshares...

It has become my standard 'medium' lighting job pack.

I can fit inside just about all the lighting gear I need.

It fits neatly inside the boot (trunk) of a small hatchback too

This is what is in it today.

4 x Manfrotto stacker stands.

3 x Elinchrom Quadra packs and heads.

1 x Small Chimera soft box (this is the only compromise as my medium sized soft box does not fit)

1 x Umbrella(solid not shoot through)

1 x Gitzo carbon tripod with Manfrotto 468rc2 ball head.

This little lot will do for most things.

The clincher in all this though was the bargain price.

The Kata Palm 1 Normally sells for £350 and the Flash centre have a very limited number at the bargain price of £150.


M. Christopher Holloway said...

I'm a nut when it comes to mobile cases and bags! I'm always searching for the right one. I lug Avenger C stands around and found a case from Photoflex thats just long enough for the removable verticals. But I have a question if you please. I use Quadra's and looking for a compact protective tube cover. Wondering what you use cause I can't quite see them in the photograph. Thanks for your time!



Unknown said...

Hey Christopher

The end caps for the Quadra's are made by Les Wilson(I have blogged about them before)

I have zillions of photographers asking for them from him but as yet I don't think he has made another batch which is a real shame.



edmond terakopian said...

Hi Drew,
Excellent - thanks for the heads up. Just ordered one :-)



Scott Campbell said...

Drew, I only just realized you had one of these too. I am flying with mine tomorrow and also realized that there is no way to lock it (I know, nothing is really secure anyway, but still.....). Maybe a lockable luggage strap? Do you fly with yours and if so, do you lock it?