Friday, 17 June 2011

My Experience with Cinestyle by Technicolor

A little while ago I wrote about the Canon 5d MkII profile by Technicolor called 'Cinestyle'

Well I have been giving it a go and I thought I would share my experiences so far.

Let's get one thing clear, Cinestyle DOES deliver more detail in the shadow area's than any other profile I sampled.

It is super flat, and therefore gives a great range of detail.

Now if you were to shoot a major production and the images were going off to be graded professionally it would give the grader a whole world of options.

But how many of us fro the vast majority of projects send out footage off to be graded?

On a day to day basis not many I would wager.

I have found that trying to grade it myself on small projects it is very difficult to get a pleasing look.

I was left with top DP and massive 5DMkII fan Sane Hurlbutt's words ringing in my ears.

'If you want to get the best out of the 5d shoot it in the style that you want it to look like, and try not to mess with it too much' (funny how this theme keeps cropping up isn't it? Getting it right in camera.......)

I'm not saying that Cinestyle is bad, far from it.

Its just that its is not suited to the way I work and before you shoot too much with it you should be aware of its impact on your workflow.

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