Thursday, 23 June 2011

FCP X thoughts and musings

FCP X if the hype was to be believed was going to be a game changer.

The new way of doing things.

And from my dabblings with FCP 7 an update or radical rethink to this cranky piece of OS 9 inspired software was sorely needed

So like the rest of the Apple community I waited with baited breath.

Within moments of launch there was a blizzard of negative comments

'I'm off to Avid'   'The Pro community has been deserted'  'It should be called iMovie pro' and 'This is the worst software lauch ever'

Now I have not been anywhere near it yet, it does not yet support the files from my Canon XF305.

Maybe I should throw another negative comment on the fire?

Perhaps not.

At the moment FCP X does not have a full feature set.

XML support is missing, it cannot read FCP 7 projects, it does not support tape, RED and multi camera's.

So quite a lot not there.


Oh yes, the 'Y' word

This launch has annoyed some big industry names.

Apple could have done themselves a big favour by not having the main import icon as 'import imovie event' red rag to all the pro bulls out there

But I think in time all of these missing features will be added or fixed.

And in the meantime you CAN still use FCP 7, FCP X does not overwrite it.

Perhaps I should keep my mouth shut as I don't have tons of old FCP 7 projects hanging around?

After all I have never even used it as I say.

All I'm saying is a more measured response might be in order, and perhaps get used to this app little by little to get accustomed to it, while continuing to use FCP 7 as our workhorse.

I will leave you with a couple of thoughts

Perhaps wait until FCP X carries the features you need before you buy it

Check out the blog of Larry Jordan, a fair assessment me thinks.

I have working pro friends in the USA and France who are using FCP X already and have lots of good things to say about it.


Sean Bolton said...

I think this video by some pro video editors sums up the advances in FCP X.


Drew Gardner said...

Hey Sean

Too funny!

Well worth a watch



bluejin said...
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Drew Gardner said...

By the way I'm hearing more positive feedback from 'one man band' editors re FCP X

I'm waiting for Canon MXF file support before venturing in though

I hope the wait is not too long as think it could be a great piece of software.