Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Need for Speed

My Elinchrom Rangers have been a little neglected of late.

Particularly with the advent of the Elinchrom Quadra.

A fine compact unit which packs 400 ws and has Skyport built in, for triggering and adjusting the flash remotely.

But when you need raw power there is no substitute for the Ranger which has 1100 ws output.

It is big and heavy but it does a great job.

Just the small matter of how to trigger it.

I like to use Pocketwizards as they are super reliable.

On this particular shoot I was running up against a limited Flash sync of 1/350th sec.

A bit disappointing, having become accustomed to my Quadra's firing reliably with the Skyport speed transmitter.

I visited the Pocketwizard website and sure enough according to the manual it IS possible to use the Pocketwizard Multimax on its speed setting but alas, mine are early models so its not possible.

I remembered seeing an announcement of a new Pocketwizard receiver ST4 for made specially for
Elinchrom RX flash units.

Reading a little more about them on Tom Bol's blog it seems you can indeed sync to silly speeds, which does open the door to quite a few possibilities.

I have purchased two receivers and will let you know how I fare.

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