Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A true Gem of a photograph from Focus on Imaging

I was asked to review portfolios on the Manfotto stand at Focus on imaging this year there were many many good photographs but one stood out to me as being so special and so different that I decided to blog about it.

As readers of this blog will know I like photography that has an edge and communicates something beyond the obvious.

Coltrane Koh bought his folio along for review and this was his opening shot.

It is, I think you will agree, an absolute cracking shot.

A quirky, sensitive, and beautifully lit self portrait with humour in spades.

Coltrane's expression tells such a story.

I will let him describe it in his own words.......

'It is a portrait of my dog, Lucky and myself.

The inspiration for this photo came from two places.

Firstly, my admiration of those old oil portrait paintings in mansion houses.

And secondly, my thought that dog buster collars look just like Elizabethan neck ruffs.

I combined both ideas and created something (I hoped) is a bit different, and a bit humorous'

A tripple 'A' star plus photo which could yet be my favourite of the year and it is only March.

Lets hope 'Lucky' made a full recovery and is no longer wearing the 'Cone of shame' (Do watch 'Up' if you have not seen it)

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