Thursday, 15 March 2012

Professional Imaging Show - Nieuwegein, The Netherlands


I was there for 3 days and I still can't pronounce it.

That aside I had a great time presenting on the Adobe stage, talking about Location photography, The Olympic Golden Greats and The Descendants.

The Dutch crowd came from far and wide, as ever they were engaging and friendly.

From my perspective at least a vibrant photographic community with a thirst for knowledge.

I would not have been there if it had not been for the talented and prolific shooter Frank Doorhof, whom I shared the stage with, along with Dave Black, who is as talented with people as he is the camera(think of the 'James Stewart' of photographic world and you won't be so very far out)

Here is a short video Frank and his team put together on Day 1

In adition to the shooters the Adobe team were presenting Lightroom 4 to the delegates and was well received.

The super aggressive pricing, half the cost of Lightroom 3 on a permanent basis, will doubtless have an impact on the RAW processing software market and we will have to see how competitors react.

Interest was very strong on the Phase One and Leaf stand too, which following similar interest at Focus on Imaging would seem to back up my suspicions that medium format is very much in vogue right now.

Enough kit talk, what about my fellow speakers?
Frank Doorhof, yours truly and Dave Black...a serious event as you can see

Dave Black is a sports shooter with more than 30 years experience.

Just check out how he does it though, using big and small strobes at spotting events to give him an edge over fellow shooters.

I sat through all his presentations and learned a great deal, he is a pleasure to listen to.

His presentation on light painting really gave me food for thought.

If you would like to know more about how he gets such distinctive and classy shots I strongly suggest you check his blog out.

I know I will.

Frank Doorhof has been shooting for a good few years less but is so prolific it is remarkable.

I reckon he shoots more in a month than I do in a year!

Damn fine work too.

Take a look at this, the very first frame from a live shoot in a packed auditorium.

It is one thing to turn in a shot like this after a long shoot when you are not being scrutinised by hundreds of pairs of eyes, but live on stage it is another matter entirely.

Frank is a lovely guy and he shares his knowledge in a generous and accessible manner on his blog too.

Once again I learned a lot from him, and have dusted my light meter off too but I will talk about how he changed my thinking another time.

As we said our farewells, Frank very kindly gave me a copy of his latest DVD 'Live in Boston'

I will be taking a look at it in the next few weeks and will let you know what I think.

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