Thursday, 15 March 2012

Revving up for Australian Workshops, with an eye on smoke machines.

As the heading says, I'm getting all the stuff together for the Australian workshops, which are filling quite nicely.

What is really on my mind at the moment is the smoke machine.....

No 'Forest' style shoot would be complete without one.

I own a Colt turbo from Peasoup, a truly amazing piece of kit.

Pea Soup are THE go to people for smoke machines and are involved in so many grand projects so they are a mine of information.

For sheer power and reach it is better than anything else I have used.

It is invaluable to be able to 'project' smoke to exactly where you want it, and it has so much power it excels at this.

It does have one drawback though - it is mains powered, and it draws so much current it makes mincemeat out of all but the biggest, baddest generator.

I have always managed to dance around the problem to some extent, the machine can operate for about 15 mins unplugged once it is up to temperature.

You can see how effective it was on my Zebra shoot.

Australia I think will present somewhat of a challenge, so I'm investigating battery powered options.

The Mini Rocket 12V DC 400W battery powered portable smoke machine seems to fit the bill and I'm toying with getting one for the workshops.

You can see it in action here

Seems a bit extravagant but I think it would see a lot of action for some time to come.

More info regarding venues and animals very soon.

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Anonymous said...

really looking forward to the workshop, and learning about the challenges of using a smoke machine outdoors. :)