Tuesday, 24 February 2009

'Ele' video

Sorry this is coming out in dribs and drabs but I could not upload it in time before I left my hotel this morning

Another great piece of editing work by my good friend Jonathan Laurence

It shows the fun and games we had leaving snowbound Heathrow.....and the excitement we had in Thailand

It was a Trip!


Dave Keating Photography said...

I really like this video Drew. I love the contrast between the city and the jungle. And the insight into how the shoot was staged is great. Thanks for the effort.


kwabena said...

Being part of your crew must be fun. LOVE the video and shots.

Justin Sutcliffe said...

Nice piece Drew! Yet more brick are crumbling from the supporting wall of my dislike of video. Rather dismayed to see you with a PC though...

Gu said...

Drew, I have a question for you regarding the DVD. How many on location shoots are included in it? How much and to what depth is on the technical side of location lighting?

I find myself forever hungry for lighting know how but I also have to watch where every penny goes (£7+ postage from TFC is a day light robbery, they could have priced it £25 + £3 postage and people will grab them like bargains!).

I hope you could find a minute to get back to me :)


Unknown said...

The Lenovo W700 is compelling for all sorts of reasons which I will be covering at a later date and should not be dismissed easily.

There are two of my epic set ups on there.

There was going to be a third but it didn't make the cut, but I will be giving it away free on my blog later this year

I give a good overview of the process and the lighting, including all the gear I use and where I put it

As for the DVD postage? Well, after some poking and prodding I think it is much more reasonable £2.99

Cape Town Photographer said...

Great video. It would make my day if you could let me know what you use to make the lingering fog/smoke. I saw the device, but couldn't make out it's name/brand.


sikryd said...

Amazing work... I love thailand, my favorite place in the world. Great images, lots of work to get those. Did you have any problems with the humidity and your glass?

Unknown said...

No problems with the glass whatsoever

I was expecting them, but they just did not happen